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15th Mar 2022

Think Like Socrates by Steven Schuster, Chapter by Chapter

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Do you feel lost when it comes to asking witty, wise, or deep questions? Would you like to be spontaneously sapient, and persuasive?

If you want to understand people better, be better valued for your contribution in a conversation, or simply want to be genuinely more knowledgeable, keep reading.

Think Like Socrates doesn’t go into boring details and endless philosophical methodology. It provides you instead with lessons from one of the best philosophers in human history, Socrates, and keeps you hooked as you explore the fascinating techniques of the thinking genius.

Socrates is often mentioned as the founder of Western philosophy. He encouraged his students to think for themselves instead of having someone provide the solution. He was an excellent communicator and questioner. He stood true to his beliefs and methods to the end. He is a human worth examining.

Learn the art of knowledge and persuasion through intentional inquiry.

How to raise important questions, probe beneath the surface of problems, and pursue challenging areas of thought.

Discover the structure of your own thoughts, develop sensitivity to clarity, accuracy, and relevance.

Persuade people without being manipulative using reasoned inquiry.

Learn to ask questions professionals use to transform your emotion-driven thinking patterns and avoid misunderstandings.

Apply Socratic Questioning in your organization to deescalate conflict, gain a deeper understanding of problems, and find better solutions.

Educate yourself; find a path to being an exceptional communicator.

In Think Like Socrates you’ll get a hint of philosophy theory, but walk away with real, practical advice to improve your life. Philosophy today shouldn’t be an ambiguous thought exercise; this book makes it practical, life-enhancing, and useful.

Steven Schuster is a bestselling author and entrepreneur. He writes using scientific research, academic experience, and real-life experience.


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