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19th Mar 2022

Supercharge Your Best Life by Scott Allan

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Supercharge Your Best Life

The Elite Performer’s Framework

Optimal Peak Performance Strategies for Relentless Growth and Building a Bulletproof


Scott Allan

Copyright © 2022 by Scott Allan


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Gary Keller, the author of one of my favorite books The

One Thing, has said: ““Anyone who dreams of an

uncommon life, eventually discovers there is no choice

but to seek an uncommon approach to living it.”

The foundations upon which I have lived, and

everything I learn and teach, is centered around this

obsessive drive to create an uncommon lifestyle. The

journey has been a slow progression towards mastery

and self-transcendence, fueled by stages of relentless

growth. Through a life of success and repetitive failure,

I have implemented the Peak Performance Strategies

to build relentless growth opportunity, and engineer an

environment centred around creating a limitless


In Supercharge Your Best Life, I will share with you the

best strategies for habit development, creating an

optimized goal system, visualizing the world you want

to live in, and then, providing you with tools to

construct that world.

Taking First Steps

This is the beginning of living the uncommon lifestyle.

Doing the things that most people are not willing to do

and confronting your fears when there is no other


If you are stuck in life and don’t know how to move

ahead, I can help you.

If you have a desire to explore the unfolding mystery in

this world and you aren’t sure where to start, I can help


If you want to optimize your mindset and build a

tangible reality from just your imagination, I can help

you to achieve this. I can teach you the principles and

framework for creating an extraordinary lifestyle.

You only have to believe in the possibility.

But before we begin, a few words about who I am, and

what I do...

It Started Here...

You see, I grew up in a small town and a lot of people

stay there. And while there is a great comfort in living

near your parents and childhood friends, a pulsing,

restless drive pushed me out the door towards an

unknown destiny.

This journey has taken me around the world, and

through countries and many cultures that I thought

existed only in a dream. I have scuba dived to the

depths of oceans and walked through temples sitting

on top of broken foundations that were built thousands

of years ago by people long forgotten. I walked for

miles along the Great Wall, watched whales leap out of

the water when nobody else was looking, and eaten

food that still moved on the plate.

Over the years, I have had many adventures, immersed

myself in culture and language, and danced on beaches

in places whose names I don’t remember. but the

greatest discovery yet has been that of self-discovery.

This life has unfolded in ways I had never imagined, but

the journey for us all begins as a small flicker in the dark

that grows brighter with each step moving forward. As

you discover the best of yourself, you become the best

version of who you are meant to be.

It is this destiny that brings us together in this book

Supercharge Your Best Life, and as the gaps of time

close in on us all, we have this brief time together to

build something magnificent and make a real

difference. But the difference can only be measured by

the impact of change you bring about in this world.

I have measured success over the years in many ways—

financial gain, promotions, and collecting material

things. But the greatest proof of success there is will

always be the joy you bring into people’s lives, and th

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