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14th Feb 2022

Super Brain: Strategies to Upgrade Your Brain, Unlock Your Potential, Perform at Your Peak, and Achieve Anything By: Peter Hollins

Practical methods to fully utilize your brain. Learn how it works and you can harness it to the fullest! This is a book about practical neuroscience. That means that while it is scientifically-based, it gets down to how you can compensate for your brain's evolutionary habits and excel in spite of them.


One of the most amazing things that exist today is the brain. The brain is an elaborate structure made up of billions of individual neurons that form complicated networks. Though we’ve gained a considerable understanding of how other organs in the human body work, the brain is science’s final frontier, and we are just now grasping the secrets of consciousness, intelligence, creativity and more. It’s no exaggeration to say that our brains are what make us human, and are tremendously complex and capable of achieving almost anything we want.

We often take our brains for granted - after all, we live with them every day, with the good and the bad. However, even right this moment as your eyes scan this page, it is performing an impressive range of tasks, such as keeping your body alive and your lungs breathing to storing the entirety of your life experiences and allowing you to read this text as dozens of other “programs” are working in the background. Our brains allow us to learn and master languages, some of the most complex systems that not even the best supercomputers can handle with our efficiency. Human interactions that rely on verbal and non-verbal signals, and millions of bits of information that help us engage with the world around us are also being processed easily. Not too shabby.

But we can use our brains to do so much more and often let our potential just sit there untouched. Fortunately, just like the body muscles can be strengthened to their fullest potential, the brain can be supported to do what it does best. When we learn how it works, its habits and flaws, we can consciously use all the wonderful opportunities and resources it has to shape our lives in line with what we desire.

In the following chapters, we will talk about several evidence-based techniques that will help you take advantage of your brain’s functioning to achieve the best results in your daily life. It’s fair to say that your lived experience is fundamentally shaped by your brain – change your brain, and the whole world changes. In this book, we will be exploring specific practical techniques, and walking through them step by step, showing you how to make the best use of the miracle that is your human brain.

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