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13th Feb 2022

Here and Now: Taking Control Of Your Life By: Martial Champagne


Changing your life for the better one chapter at a time.

What better words to use when the goal is to simply enjoy the journey?

The best thing about all of the strategies I will share with you in this book is that they have enabled me to live a more passionate life.

Achieving goals is important, but so is enjoying the energy that brings with it a new belief, a new commitment to people, and a new level of happiness that I have never felt before.

Using these effective tactics can help you overcome problems and live an incredible, great life!


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In the human brain, which is a highly complicated machine with several components and moving elements, there are many moving parts.

The use of medicine is popular in today's society to ease feelings of grief, remorse, shame, fury, exhaustion, and insomnia, among other ailments. Medication just deals with a small portion of the problem.

A flood situation is similar because it involves pumping water into the system without interrupting the input of water. However, even if you observe any improvement, it is likely that they will be transient and of little significance.

When used with a primary treatment, complementary therapies can improve its effectiveness. To be effective, therapy must begin with a determination of what is causing the problem.

Although it is not where you would expect it to be, the source is.

Most times, we believe that our current mental health problems result from past trauma, abuse, old relationship issues, loss, the lack of forgiveness, or other contributing reasons to our current problems.

Not all the time, however.

While past traumas can serve as triggers, the true problem isn't the incident itself, but the ideas you've formed about it because of your exposure to it.

Without dealing with your beliefs, they will impact your attitude and worldview, which will manifest itself in the surrounding environment.

Consider the following scenario: as a child, someone, maybe a stranger, verbally abused you.

Because of the dread and overwhelming stress it instilled in you, you believe that all strangers are terrible and shouldn’t be interacted with.

The ability to break free from this thinking gets increasingly difficult as you grow older.

A person's perspective on the world and its events is shaped by their own set of beliefs.

If you hold this belief, unknowing is a horrible thing, but those who don't will be barred from the conversation.

If you go through this process, you may experience symptoms, including social anxiety and other unwanted emotions and behaviors, such as sorrow.

The process is simple.

If you experience something traumatic, it can be something like being yelled at in front of a crowd in a life-changing accident, and then your perspective of the world warps, and slowly, if unchecked, you feel the symptoms.

It is possible for two people to be confronted with the same awful event, but for one to respond by drinking and avoiding it, and for the other to respond by being an excellent counselor and valuable member of society.

Various people have different interpretations of what transpired in this case.

You can never change the past, but that shouldn’t stop you from moving forward.

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