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21st Sep 2021

UnEducated by Joe Hinchliffe

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Even with a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree, you may still be uneducated in the most important aspects of your life…

Do you have this burning and unquenchable feeling that, even with all your years of being taught how to live and what to think and do, you still don’t actually know much about the things you need to know about?

How to stay fit.

How to properly communicate your feelings.

How to build daily habits that produce growth and allow you to relax at the end of the day.

The truth is, the education system of our westernised economic and political sphere doesn’t prepare us for the real challenges of life -- it simply guides us into becoming a “successful” employee.

This might have worked great a hundred years ago when times were different and personal expectations were less abundant, but nowadays we each want more, and rightfully so.

The problem is, we haven’t been properly taught how to attain this ‘something more’. Most of us, dream as we might, simply don't have the right education to be able to break free.

Although the education system might not be changing anytime soon, this doesn't mean we can’t still take back control of our lives and begin to teach ourselves what schools did not.

With a well-structured look at what we weren’t taught, as well as an actionable and informative plan to fill in the blanks, it won’t be long before you notice yourself feeling more empowered than ever before.

We all just need a bit of re-education.

In UnEducated, you’ll discover:

Why embracing your weaknesses is actually a good thing, and how you can use your strengths to overcome them

Why you should move your body daily and how this will help you find motivation

How finding your “why” can change your life forever

How to turn fear into courage and take action on your dreams

A powerful stoic outlook that will help you enhance the quality of your life in every way possible

Why learning to sit still is the greatest skill you can cultivate and how you can begin your ‘stillness practice’ today

Why reducing the number of choices you make each day will set you free

… and much more!

Just because your education system has in many ways failed you doesn't mean you can’t still learn all there is to know about life.

Times are changing and the schools are struggling to keep up.

But that’s okay! We have the power to educate ourselves, and when we do we will begin to truly understand all that is possible in our life.

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The English school system is one of the greatest globally, yet it is out of date and

inadequate. Compared with other education systems, it ranks as one of the best, but does

that make it satisfactory?

Most education systems worldwide, including ours, are built to produce employees. The

hours are designed for the industrial age; the Henry Ford era, whereby Dad works in a

factory 9-5 and Mum stays home. Dad can drop the kids off at school on his way to work,

whilst mum picks them up around 3 pm, leaving her with enough time to cook the evening

meal which the whole family can enjoy.

Although society has seen significant advancements since the industrial age (women’s

rights, technology, average age), our schools’ format has failed to adapt.

I don’t want you thinking this book will continue throwing hate at the education system. Once

passed the introduction, the chapters are focused on the subjects schools could teach to

significantly improve their students’ lives, success, and happiness. That includes all

students, those still attending, that have left and those that didn’t attend or barely did.

Will the Education system change as a result of UnEducated? Most likely, no. The

government wants employees; they will only change if the students produced are more

effective employees and can reduce their spending or marginally increase it.

It is our responsibility to learn how to live happy and fulfilling lives, and teach that to the next

generation, whether through school, unlikely or through our example and experience. In this

book, you will find my philosophy on achieving just that - the good life - through a

combination of your personality and skills.

Please bear in mind; I write to understand. In the words of Ray Dalio, “I am a dumb shit”.

Challenge all the ideas raised and determine for yourself whether to accept them.


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