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30th Jul 2021

The Power of Healthy Living by Wilson Garcia


The fear of getting to the peak without a healthy life has crippled many today. Many people pursue their goals at the expense of their health because of the wrong ideology that their health does not matter, and all they need in life is money.

This is a wrong belief, and if you don't deal with that mindset, you will gather all the wealth in this world and still spend everything trying to put your health and fitness in order at your old age.

To achieve healthy living, you must have to put the same energy you put into your business and career into your health and fitness and make it work. Fitness is the ability to carry out your normal daily activities irrespective of your age.

The Power of Healthy Living is a valuable book that contains

Insights on how to align your body, soul, and spirit to live a healthier and happier life.

How to achieve mental health and live above depression, anxiety, and confusion even while under pressure.

How to live a stress-free life.

How to set SMART goals for your health and fitness and every other area your life.

The art of journaling.

How to avoid blood pressure and other critical health conditions. Some of the most critical factors to health and wellness are the ability to be self-aware about your health, follow every recommendation by your health experts, and monitor or track your progress continuously, and you will be fine.

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Physical fitness has attracted a lot of attention in recent years, with little attention given to mental and spiritual health because of our ignorance in this area. Health and general body wellness span beyond going to the gym, eating good food, and living in comfort.

Health and general body wellness deal with the three components of the body; the body, mind, and spirit of a man. Chinese men and women understand this truth, and it is the reason behind their engagement in yoga and meditation to get these three body components into alignment for heightened productivity.

Many people have paid much attention to the spirit, especially the religious fanatics, but little or no attention to their mental and physical health. Although their physical appearance may tell us that they are in good shape, every health practitioner knows that it is not the right way to live life.

Three Categories of People in Health and Wellness

Now, we have three categories of people in health and general body wellness. These include:

1. Those who pay attention to their spirit neglecting other areas. They are engaging in different kinds of spiritual activities but neglecting the body and the mind. They believe that a spiritual man can conquer any and everything on his way. This is an imbalance of knowledge.

2. People who pay much attention to the mind and neglect other components by attending seminars, podcasts, and every other meal for the mind; but who pay little or no attention to their bodies and spirit. They believe that once a man can pay attention to mental growth, he will go far in life. These have an imbalance in their knowledge as well.

3. The last category of people believes that paying attention to their body through physical fitness exercise and having a well-built body will sustain them, neglecting their mind and spirit. This also is proof of a knowledge gap.

The reality is that if we don't bring balance to our lives, we will keep experiencing inner turmoil and chaos because, according to how a man was designed, we were created to function with these three components in alignment.

The mind receives the fruit of the investment made into the spirit of a man, while the body acts whatever that is in mind out, meaning the mind controls how his body functions and the kind of fruits he bears.

Any man who doesn't learn to align his life will experience different health conditions that will eventually hinder him from reaching his potential peak. Every man's desire is to live out his dreams, hit all his life goals, live a fulfilled life, and make maximum impact.

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