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17th Aug 2021

The Confidence Formula by Patrick King


Stop making decisions based on fear of failure, rejection, anxiety, and judgment.

Life is full of possibilities, but can you take advantage of them? Gain the confidence to be all that you can be.

Not just “fake it ‘til you make it” or “just smile more.”

The Confidence Formula is filled with real, actionable advice for your life TODAY. It’s not generic, borderline useless advice you can read in any blog post online. This book will take you on a deep dive into the depth of confidence, self-perception, and the psychology of confidence – understand yourself so you can break through your mental barriers.

Everything from psychology, biology, and even cognitive behavioral therapy is referenced in giving you the tools to feel more invincible on a daily basis.

Finally feel comfortable in your own skin and become your own source of confidence.

Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and sought-after social skills coach and trainer. He was also one of the plumpest children you’ve ever seen, and understands the pains and processes of confidence like few others. This book was written by someone who knows exactly what you’re facing and how you’re hurting.

Become bolder, more fearless, and good enough. Stop thinking about the “what ifs” in your life.

Confidence will turn your life into a series of endless opportunities. Your goals, your social circle, your relationships, your career, and your life – confidence is the key. Confidence creates the life you want and lets you smash through goals, while making sure you never feel invisible, waste your potential, or feel paralyzed from anxiety.

Quiet the voice in your head and live how you want to. Stop feeling so restricted.


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There was a time in my life when I was deeply uncomfortable placing my order at McDonald’s. However, it wasn’t because I had inner turmoil about the massive load of saturated fat I was about to put into my body. It was because I had to speak to someone to do it. Sounds crazy, huh? If you’re reading this book, though, I’m guessing it sounds a little too familiar . . .

I remember one particular instance at an Applebee’s. The waitress had come around to my side of the table to take my order, but I wasn’t quite ready so I tried to stall her by asking her what she recommended.

I could sense her eyes burning a hole through my menu, the rest of the table staring at me and wishing I hadn’t come, and the cooks in the back covertly planning to spit in my food. I started sweating all over and my ears became so hot I thought they were going to melt right off my head. I had made such a huge mistake, and now deserved to be outcast from the group.

I felt rushed and latched on to the first menu item my eyes landed on. When the food came, I ate it as quickly as possible, left some money on the table, and, to my friends’ protests, made up an excuse about having to go home. At home, I stewed over it for eons—after all, it was the single most embarrassing and awful disaster that had ever happened, right?

Of course, to everyone else, their friend was just asking the waitress for her recommendation, and to the waitress, a customer was having a difficult time deciding what to order. That’s it. These might have been your thoughts as well; that I was making incredible leaps to conclusions that were blown out of proportion. But at no point did I truly think I was acting irrationally. I felt I had made such a blunder that I deserved to be cast out from civilized society. Seriously.

That’s the role of confidence in our lives, and I’m speaking as someone who’s been in your shoes and knows how it feels. I know how crippling and fear-driven it is, and how it can prevent you from living life the way you want to. Little by little over the years, I conquered my fears of ordering food at restaurants, and graduated to becoming comfortable with public speaking and meeting new people. I’ve come a long way from that day in Applebee’s.

Confidence may not be a cure-all, but because it can be so deeply rooted within people for so long, it causes us anxiety in ways we may not realize.

There’s a poetic saying proposing when a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil, it causes a tsunami in Japan.

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