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8th May 2022

Neuroscience and Decision-Making by Albert Rutherford, Chapter by Chapter

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Steer your emotional brain so it doesn’t overrun your life. A neuroscience-based approach to avoiding impulsive decisions, distractions, and unconscious biases.

Our brains are not wired for optimal, cool headed, slow decisions. They are wired for fast, survival-oriented, emotion-based reactions. It’s time to understand your primal mental tendencies and make more deliberate, cool-headed choices.

Stop deciding on autopilot. You can do better.

Studies have shown that our decisions are disrupted by a large selection of irrationalities and biases. We tend to look for information that supports our opinion and discount that doesn’t. Sudden emotions can make us change our mind on a whim. Our brains, fascinating as they are, often are not reliable to make the best decision if left unchecked. When willpower is depleted, we tend to take the path of least resistance and procrastinate. When uncertainty arises, the amygdala can lead us into fight or flight reactions. The next thing you know is that we feel anxious, dissatisfied, or discouraged about who you are.

What if there was a way to make quality decisions consistently? Good news, there is!

Neuroscience and Decision-Making breaks down the chemical and physiological events in the brain that lead to sometimes unwanted choices. Instead of labeling yourself as someone who “always makes bad decisions,” shift perspective. The solution is not personality-related, it’s awareness-related. To overcome your brain’s natural decision-making tendencies, you need to understand the brain’s urges and work with them, rather than against them.

Think clearly, second-guess yourself less, and ultimately be more satisfied with your choices.

Albert Rutherford is an internationally bestselling author. His books draw on various sources, from corporate system building, strategic analysis, scientific research, and his life experience. He has been optimizing individual and corporate decision-making his whole adult life and brings his proven advice to you.

Live life with fewer regrets.

•How to fully tap into your brain’s superpower, neuroplasticity.

•How heuristics trick your brain for suboptimal choices and how to avoid them.

•The role of the amygdala in impulse decisions and how to modulate your responses to them.

•How distractions affect your “control network” and ways to mitigate their effect.

•Understanding the “I will”, “I won’t”, “I want” willpower responses.

•Should you or should you not rely on your gut feeling?

•How virtual reality can help you increase your empathy when making decisions.

Neuroscience and Decision-Making is based on extensive research and study between the fields of psychology, behavior science, neuropsychology, and decision-making. Learn to make consistently good decisions in alignment with your true goals and values.


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