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26th Jul 2022

Mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven, Chapter by Chapter

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Perhaps you have thought of the kingdom that Jesus talked about but can't put your finger on the concept. In this book, Mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven, you will see the thread of love that Jesus walked as He leaves the purity and love of Heaven to bring the kingdom of God back to the earth and deliver it to its rightful heirs, mankind.

Beginning with the loss of the dominion of earth by Adam and it is transferred to Satan, we will travel through time as God and Jesus discuss the need for a redeemer to bring mankind back to the heart of God. We see Jesus graciously accept the challenge to humble Himself by becoming human and doing the only thing that will enable man to again have a personal relationship with the Father God, through His sacrifice on the cross.

As the reader explores the simple message of Jesus, they will come to realize who He was, what the kingdom of heaven is, where it is, and why it is so important that Jesus completed His mission on earth.




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