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23rd Jul 2021

Maximum Results by Yugesh Mandvikar

Are you struggling to achieve what you want in life? Are your results falling short of your expectations? Are you finding it difficult to break the shackles of your past? Are you feeling like giving up on your dreams?

If so, MAXIMUM RESULTS is for you.

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Imagine having no limits to what you can achieve in your life. Imagine discovering a hidden power in yourself, which can help go beyond your benchmarks. Imagine being immune to fear and failure.

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In MAXIMUM RESULTS, you’ll discover:

A structured, step-by-step method to achieve extraordinary results in life

Reasons for why you don’t achieve the desired results and how do you get in the way

Key traits to adopt, to conquer challenges and failure

Powerful ways to overcome your past and get unstuck

Simple techniques to get rid of uncertainty, fear, and doubt

And most importantly,

How to leverage your 5 hidden abilities to achieve breakthrough

PLUS BONUS MATERIAL: 12 Powerful reflection exercises which will help you imbibe the learning much faster.

If you want to go beyond your limits and get what you want, get your copy of MAXIMUM RESULTS today!


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The greatest quest of humans is that of their untapped potential.

No matter where you go in this world, there is one thing that you will find in common: the innate desire of people to make their lives better. For millennia, the human species has evolved and continues to do so because of this very desire. The need to grow and go beyond our current frontiers has helped us achieve feats such as landing on the moon and exploring deep seas, which were once inconceivable. This quest to achieve and the indomitable spirit backing it distinguish us from the other species. You reading this book is an indication of your quest to make your life better.

A lot has been said and written about achievement over the last few decades. Since our early childhood, we have been taught about two core tenets, working hard and being humble. There is nothing wrong with these virtues, and arguably these are required to achieve results. Yet a lot of people strive and fail. It is not as if they don’t work hard enough, or they lack the key skills required to achieve the results. Somehow, success eludes them. In the case of some others, they achieve some results and remain happy with what they get, while the rest of the opportunities wait to be unlocked someday. People spend their lifetime continuing to expect different results by doing the same thing over and over again. 

Time and again, we have witnessed important discoveries and phenomenal breakthroughs. What led to such extraordinary results? Albert Einstein famously said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” This principle applies similarly to the results we create. You, too, can create something extraordinary. You, too, can create maximum results. What you need is a distinct approach. 

This book came to be written after years of observation and study. By virtue of working as a performance consultant and a success coach, I had the opportunity to consult with, train, work with, and coach thousands of individuals and teams. I keenly observed behaviors, actions, and thought patterns, which I have thoroughly enjoyed from my early days. 

I had the privilege of witnessing their successes and, more importantly, their failures. Their problems and questions gave me insights. I started noticing the results that people achieved and what they did to achieve them. After years of intent observation, patterns started emerging. The presence of some “things” led to the achievement of results. And not just any results, but extraordinary ones. I have aligned and articulated these patterns into a framework that forms the core of this book. The words “process,” “structure,” “method,” and “framework” have been used interchangeably in this book. I have personally used this model in my own life and reaped benefits. This book itself is a cherished outcome of the application of this model. 

The key principles and concepts detailed in this book come from my interactions, observations, and reflections over the last decade and a half, as well as research in the field of neuroscience, behavioral science, psychology, philosophy, leadership, and physics. These are easy to understand, remember and implement, and you can apply them to achieve your desires across any walks of life.

The goal of this book is to help you create maximum results in your life, with winning in mind.

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