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11th Aug 2021

How to Think Critically by Albert Rutherford


Science-backed directives to think critically, make smarter choices, and become a seasoned fact-checker.

You’ve been manipulated before by advertising tricks. You’ve overlooked important details and made mistakes in your thinking. You haven’t been fast enough to detect opportunities and others snatched them from you. We’ve all been in these scenarios. But we don’t have to stay there.

Transform your thinking to solve complex problems, overcome obstacles, discover opportunities, and think more clearly and accurately.

How to Think Critically is not your average “change your thoughts change your life” book. It is a step-by-step manual that presents the core principles of critical thinking and gives practical guidance on how to re-program yourself for deeper insights and a more conscious living. Here you will find research-proven, actionable tools that will help you to apply critical thinking practices immediately until they become a habit.

Improve your understanding and gain mental clarity.

Albert Rutherford is an internationally bestselling author whose writing derives from various sources, such as research, coaching, academic and real-life experience.

Ask better questions to find more accurate answers and draw more profound insights.

•The essential steps in developing critical thinking skills.

•What deep thinking and analysis really look like.

•How to debunk cognitive shortcuts, manipulations, and biases.

Evidence-based practices for optimal decision-making.

•How to avoid marketing manipulations and make optimal decisions.

•How to ask questions that are free of subconscious suggestions.

•Tips for creative thinking – reasoning by analogy.

Start developing better critical thinking skills today by reading How to Think Critically!

This is the sixth book in the “The Critical Thinker” series as listed below:

Elements of Critical Thinking: A Fundamental Guide to Effective Decision Making, Deep Analysis, Intelligent Reasoning, and Independent Thinking

Lessons From Critical Thinkers: Methods for Clear Thinking and Analysis in Everyday Situations from the Greatest Thinkers in History

Neuroscience and Critical Thinking: Understand the Hidden Pathways of Your Thought Patterns- Improve Your Memory, Make Rational Decisions, Tune Down Emotional Reactions, and Set Realistic Expectations

10-Minute Social Psychology: The Critical Thinker's Guide to Social Behavior, Motivation, and Influence To Make Rational and Effective Decisions

The Art of Thinking Critically: Ask Great Questions, Spot Illogical Reasoning, and Make Sharp Arguments


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I first met the concept of critical thinking in my early thirties. Without entertaining you with how many centuries ago this encounter happened, let me tell you this: I thought I could never master this seemingly ungraspable way of thinking. When I heard the words “critical thinking,” I imagined astute diplomats, cunning politicians, and other kinds of geniuses practicing it, taking advantage of the rest of us.

But I was approaching the art of critical thinking in a narrow-minded and uncritical fashion. It’s not a secret cognitive practice reserved for a select few. In fact, everyone can learn to use critical thinking to their advantage if they are somewhat curious, creative, and clever. In other words, most of us can practice this type of thinking. Yet not so many of us do. My mission in this book is to unveil the mystery of critical thinking and help you adopt its basic principles.

Before I engage in the presentation of the nitty gritty, please read the following statements and decide if you’d like to become better at doing each or any of them.

• Interpret others’ needs by assessing their behavior, words, and body language and offer them proper help or support.

• Settle arguments as objective as possible by validating each party and presenting alternative, fair solutions to each party.

• Organize ideas for an essay, story, or news article, paying attention to the complexities of the motivation of each character—real or fictional.

• Gather and analyze data with precision and conduct valid experiments.

• Based on data, assess and anticipate consequences of various decisions and take action to mitigate their negative impacts—for example, in your business.

• Scrutinize your or your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to optimize your strategies.

• See through marketing schemes and be an informed customer.

• Ask clever questions for new insights.

• Investigate, examine, and evaluate information to reach more accurate conclusions.

• See yourself in a more objective way and use this knowledge to present your skills in a relevant and advantageous way at, for example, job interviews.

Strong critical-thinking skills will help you do better in the areas mentioned above and more. And this book will tell you how to develop those skills. Without further ado, let’s start our journey!

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