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5th Jul 2021

How to Spot a Liar by James W. Williams

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Speed-Read People, Decipher Body Language, Detect Deception, and Get to the Truth

We live in a world where dishonesty and lies are seemingly everywhere. From fake news and problematic media outlets to corrupt management in our workplaces and selfish friends, there’s no doubt that as you grow older, you become more cynical and more distrusting of the world and the people in it.

It’s a bit of a somber realization, but whether people are immoral or just lack personal skills, you’re going to experience times in your life where people lie and distort the truth to you, but what if there was a way to see the signs and know exactly when this was happening?

What if there was a way to spot the lies and take yourself closer to the truth?

Well, there is, and it’s all detailed in this very book.

In How to Spot a Liar: A Practical Guide to Speed-Read People, Decipher Body Language, Detect Deception, and Get to the Truth, you’ll deep-dive into the world of dishonesty, where you’ll learn everything about the psychology behind why people lie and manipulate the truth, and then how to spot it.

In this powerful book, you will discover actionable skills that will deliver instant results, such as:

● Why people lie in the first place

● How to read the body language in others

● Learning the skills professional FBI, CIA, and law enforcement use when talking with criminals

● Figuring out how to read the verbal signs that prove someone is being dishonest

● Mastering the B.A.S.I.C step-by-step lie spotting guide (the most renowned way of telling when someone lies)

● Techniques that will help you discover the truth in what people say

● How to apply these techniques in various situations throughout your life, whether dealing with your partner, parents, colleagues, or friends

● And so much more!

How to Spot a Liar: A Practical Guide to Speed-Read People, Decipher Body Language, Detect Deception, and Get to the Truth is all about teaching you the necessary skills and techniques you need to know to help you survive in this world and get the facts you deserve to know, especially when concerning those closest to you.

Using data based on proven psychological and long-running studies, it’s your time to master one of the most important communication skills you’ll ever learn.

And it all starts here within these pages. It’s time to unlock your full potential.


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From a young age and at the very start of our childhood,

everybody learns that one of the greatest virtues we can

have as a human being is to be honest, live honestly, be

truthful, and not tell lies. We’re told to own up and take

responsibility for our actions and the things we say and

to be honest with those around us. We’re told to tell the

truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and

convinced that lying can get us into very deep trouble

with our friends, families, and communities.

Yet, paradoxically, we’re lied to and tell other people lies

constantly. Even though your parents would say to you

that lying is wrong (at least they would if they were

decent parents), they would still have lied to you all the

time. Going back to your very earliest childhood years,

you were probably told stories about the existence of

Santa and the Tooth Fairy. While this kind of lie may

seem somewhat harmless, you were perhaps lied to

about where your pets go when they pass away, the

shocking things that would happen if you didn’t eat your


How to Spot a Liar

vegetables, and where you’d end up in life if you didn’t

try your hardest at school.

It’s funny because even while humans are this young and

were told lies of this context, even young children can

still sense the difference between the truth and a lie. We

have a gut instinct when something is wrong. This is why

children will argue with their parents. They’re simply

testing out and exercising their ability to tell right from

wrong. They will also start to push their boundaries and

tell more lies themselves.

Studies show that kids as young as three years old will

lie to their parents to get away with certain things. One

popular study had researchers place kids in a room with

a new, expensive toy which the children were then told

not to look at. Of course, being curious kids, they had to

take a peek the moment the researchers left the room.

When they returned and asked the kids whether they

had looked or not, the children would lie through their


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