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1st Jun 2022

Goodbye Dad By: Anthony Carpino, Chapter by Chapter

Hear it Here - https://www.audible.com/pd/Goodbye-Dad-Audiobook/B09Z6X5K6Y

A comprehensive guide through the five stages of grief.

There’s nothing like the pain of losing a father. The good news? You’re not

alone. You might have heard of the five stages of grief, but going

through them is a different matter. Denial. Anger. Bargaining.

Depression. Acceptance. In this detailed and accessible road map through

each stage, you’ll learn about how and why we go through them. More

importantly, you’ll learn how to overcome them.

In this

revelatory half-textbook, half-recollection, Anthony Carpino shares the

hard-won life lessons he learned before and after his father’s death,

sharing universal wisdom through a witty, practical, and often

heart-rending lens.

Goodbye Dad will help you:

  • Fully understand the five stages of grief by defining each concept and exploring the psychology behind them
  • Identify
  • what stage you may currently be in and provide useful exercises that
  • will guide you through the grieving process in a healthy manner
  • Navigate the confusing and often complex emotions associated with losing a father
  • Cope with your loss, and see a path forward that does not involve isolation and depression
  • Avoid critical mistakes that often go hand in hand with losing a parent

It’s not always easy—which is why this audiobook is here to hold your hand every step of the way.

©2022 Anthony Carpino (P)2022 Anthony Carpino

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