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28th Jun 2021

Alpha Mindset -A Guide For Men by John Winters

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Building An Alpha Mindset

Have you ever gotten the feeling that something is holding you back from living the life you really want? It's like an invisible string that pulls you back from taking the steps needed to get what want from life. Well, the reality is that something is holding you back and it is invisible. It's invisible to you. But there is one more thing to realize: That thing is not invisible to the world. Because if it was invisible then the world wouldn't react to you in the way it's currently reacting to you. This is what most men don't realize: the mind is a mirror. What you constantly think gets reflected in the world and they will treat you accordingly. This is what most men miss, they don't realize that change starts with your mindset. Mindset is the way you see yourself and the way you see the world. Thus it's the starting point. And if your mindset is weak then you will find it very hard to do powerful things in this world. And this idea is what this book is all about. This book is about taking your outdated software in your mind and replacing it with new software that empowers you and gives you the mental tools to overcome challenges. In this book, I'm going to share with you how to see yourself and the world in a different way. I'm also going to share with you how an Alpha Mindset can take your life to a whole different level.

Let's Take A Look At What You Can Expect To See Inside:

Why winning in life is a conscious choice

How the mind machine works How you can reconnect with your full potential as a man

Finding your mission in the life

Who dares wins

Danger and the modern life

The art of human maintenance

Why you should stop asking for permission How to make better relationship choices


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A lot of people talk about what they are going to do, but very few follow

through on those words. Talking is easy but following through on what

you said is not easy. Unfortunately the level of mediocrity among men

has created a general impression that most men are just talkers. It also

exposes the reality that very few men have real substance in the words

they use when they communicate with the world.

As humans, we like to think that we are rational but most of the time we

act on our emotions. We allow our emotions and past conditioning to

steer us in a way that leads to unhappiness and failure. Unfortunately

this way of living life leads to men making bad decisions that hurt them

long-term. It leads to long-term unhappiness and men living far below

their potential.

Men don’t have the luxury of being careless in life. We need to step up,

take control and get things done. Unfortunately we live in a world that

encourages mediocrity. It encourages men to blend into the group and

just be “normal”. Men are told to just “Be themselves”.This has created

a world where a lot of men have lost touch with what they are and what

they are capable of. Men have lost touch with an ancient story that runs

through their veins. Men fail to recognize that the body they live in is

the same body our ancestors lived in hundreds of thousands of years

ago. Yes the world around us has changed. There has been a population

explosion and most people live in the cities. The problem is our brains

didn’t evolve to function in modern societies with millions of people.

Our brains evolved to live in small groups and villages.

This modern reality has led to many advances and advantages, but it has

also led to modern problems and challenges. One of the big problems is

that men have lost touch with who they are and lost touch with their true

potential. Men find it hard to overcome the overwhelming combination

of modern culture and technology. This book is not going to be about

what happened to society. This book is about how you can reconnect

with your full potential as a man. It’s about building a powerful alpha

mindset so you can go after anything you want, overcome any obstacle

and create the life you want.

This book is not a magic pill, this book is a guide for you to take the

necessary steps so you can live the life of your dreams. You will have to

do the hard work to get the results you want but you will have a guide to

get you where you want to go.

Most personal development books only tell you about certain steps to

take to improve your condition. My philosophy is different in the sense

that I am encouraging you to embrace the philosophy and become the

person you want to be. Don’t just think and talk about it. Actually,

become what you want to be. Embody it! Like I mentioned at the

beginning of this book too many people talk but dont walk the walk.

So I hope you embrace the philosophy in this book so you can see real

transformation in your life.

Building a powerful Alpha Mindset will give you a new framework to see

the world and get as much as you can from your time on this planet. So

take the first step to transform your life.

See you on the other side.

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